This year’s conference has been designed to holistically x-ray Nigeria’s tourism industry, the journey so far, and ways to transform the industry in tandem with vision 20-20-20 and the industry’s brand “Fascinating Nigeria”. A two-pronged approach has been adopted in our effort to contribute to the “Transformation Agenda” of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The first is the conference proper, in which participants are expected to dissect the demands and challenges of Nigeria’s tourism industry, what can be done to address them and how to ultimately transform the industry in line with global best practices. The second approach, which will go paripasu with the conference, is the workshop, christened “The Business of Tourism”. This workshop appears to be loaded. However, it is meant to sensitize the youth about the diverse opportunities in the sector and inculcate in them entrepreneurial spirit that will subsequently inspire them to take a plung into the new and emerging businesses in the tourism industry. The conference/workshop promises to be incisive and robust as renowned scholars and practitioners have been invited to participate.

ATDiN invites participants to present their research papers, reviews, articles and other academic materials during the conference/workshop.

A. Conference Theme: Transforming the Tourism Industry in Nigeria

Sub-theme 1: Tourism

  1. Tourism Accommodation
  2. Tourism Ethics and Legislations
  3. Tourism Economics
  4. Eco-tourism and Environmental Management
  5. Tourism Aesthetics and Values
  6. Tourism Communication

Sub-theme 2: Heritage Studies

  1. Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  2. Rural Tourism and Local Economies
  3. History and Archaeology of Tourism
  4. Museum and Development
  5. Heritage Conservation

Sub-theme 3: Culture and Human Resource Development

  1. Reputation and Stakeholder Management
  2. Anthropology of Tourism
  3. Culture and Development
  4. Cultural Resource Management
  5. Human Resource Management
  6. Arts and Crafts
  7. Theatre and Literature

Conference Arrival: 7th September, 2014.
Opening Ceremony: 8th September, 2014 (Morning, 10:00am – 12:00pm)
Plenary Sessions: 8th September, 2014 (Afternoon, 3:00pm – 5:00pm)
Meeting, Communiqué, and Closing Ceremony: 9th September, 2014. (Morning, 10:00am)
B. Workshop Theme: The Business of Tourism (10th September, 2014)
i. Events Management
ii. Travel Agency Management
iii. Transport Management
iv. Hotel Business
v. Entrepreneurial Skills Development
vi. Project Management.