Apply for Research Fund


The  Research Fund is designed to support  students  who need assistance to carry out research that advances progress toward the degree. A  student is eligible to apply for funds to carry out quality research.


1. You must be a member of the ATDiN

2. You must be a Nigerian

3. You must be a student or an academia of any Nigerian institutions

4. You must have at least three journals which have been published on ATDiN portal

5. Research topic must be genuine


1. Submit the online application

2. Attach a Research Proposal that is no longer than five pages and written to a general audience.

3. Attach a completed Budget Form outlining research expenses.

4. Faculty Advisor/Recommender will be required to send an email of support to within two weeks of the close of the application.

All applications must be submitted through the ATDiN  Website. Paper submissions will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


1. Funds are distributed to awardees as a reimbursement for expenses outlined on the student’s proposed budget.

2. All materials must be consumed during the course of the research project.

3. Supplies, material, equipment, if not possible to charge to a department or a research grant. Laboratory supplies must be consumed in the course of the project.

4. Research related expenses (e.g., subject fees, access to specialized data sets, purchase of archival materials or images,)

5. Travel expenses in connection with research (requests for travel expenses must include a justification of the need to travel and a day-to-day or week-to-week schedule of specific research plans).

6. The student’s department will assume responsibility for working with the student to file receipts of expenses

7. Only expenses on the approved budget are eligible for reimbursement.

8. Computers and computer hardware are not allowable expenses.

9. Funding cannot be used as salary for graduate students, undergraduate research assistants, or others helping with the project.

10. Requests for funds to travel to professional meetings will not be considered.


1. Applicants will receive notification of status no less than two months after the submission of the application.

2. Funding must be used within 12 months of the date of receiving the funds.


Any questions or concerns please contact ATDiN office or click here.


To apply for fund click here