About us

Association for Tourism Development in Nigeria (ATDiN) was formed at the instance of Professor Pat Uche Okpoko of the Department of Archaeology and Tourism, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who in 2011 expressed the need for an association of academics and like-minds that will tackle the burning and emerging issues in tourism and heritage management in Nigeria and subsequently move the industry forward. In collaboration with a few of his colleagues, particularly Drs. L. C. Ekechukwu and E. E. Okonkwo, he hosted the first national conference at University of Nigeria, Nsukka on the 20th of September, 2012 tagged “The State of Tourism in Nigeria” which, attracted academics from various universities and polytechnics in Nigeria as well as industry personnel. After incisive debate and deliberations, participants agreed to register an association with the Corporate Affairs Commission that will advance the art of tourism and heritage resources management in Nigeria.

ATDiN Was Born To:

  1. Develop among members, local and international capabilities for examining, managing and promoting tourism development and related issues in Nigeria.
  2. Conduct research on tourism, heritage and hospitality management.
  3. Improve the skills of young scholars interested in tourism, leisure and hospitality management.
  4. Promote capacity building and public understanding of the above areas by organizing workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings etc.
  5. Sustain information networks by encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participating institutions/organizations.
  6. Develop approaches for integrated assessment of the impacts of tourism and related developments in Nigeria.
  7. Act as consultants to national and international organizations on tourism, leisure and hospitality management.
  8. Publish research results, reviews, conference proceedings, journal and newsletter for the purpose of keeping people constantly informed.

Today, the association organizes annual conferences and workshops and publishes the results of its activities as well as a biannual Journal of Tourism and Heritage Studies.