Funding for Research on Tourism and Related Studies

With limited resources available for research institutions and in consideration of the dwindling economy of Nigeria; in further consideration of the requirement to promote innovative community research to address tourism and related studies; and in order to make Association for Tourism Development in Nigeria the hub of tourism research in Nigeria, we wish to solicit the support of donors and philanthropists to provide revenues for research and assist indigent scholars in Nigeria  to actualise their research dreams. Our indigenous culture supports giving in cash and in kind. They also support social and charitable causes when the case for support is empathic and process and procedure genuine and transparent. We therefore seek local and external support to fund indigenous research and support indigent intellectuals and scholars to come out with ideas to solve social problems.

The fundraising objectives

  1. To raise fund for scholarly research in tourism and related studies and create a pool of funds for actualizing  these and related activities,
  2.  Provide funding for indigent Masters’ and Doctoral students,
  3. Address social and technological issues relevant to the tourism industry in Nigeria, and
  4.  Identify gaps and challenges impeding tourism sector development and proffer workable solutions.


  • Create a team with passion, and assign terms of responsibilities,
  • Define aims, purpose and validation of needs,
  • Set Goals, timeline and communication styles,
  • Enlist volunteers ( PG students/ staff, etc),
  • Set ethical rules and professional practice, and
  • Monitor and evaluate success.


Sources of Funding

The following shall constitute sources of funding for the association:

  • Contributions from Board members,
  • Borrowing,
  • Donations,
  • Membership subscription,
  • Annual dues and levies,
  • Grants
  • Equity shares
  • Fund Raising